Customer Cash Study

When a local solicitor practice approached us for a quick and efficient cash injection to finance their quarterly VAT bill, we knew instantly the most appropriate financial product to meet their needs.

There are many lenders in the UK, the majority of which we have access to, however there are very few that specialise in funding for solicitors, accountants, doctors, dentists, IFA’s… – in other words the ‘Professions’.

Professions Funding is a niche sector and a very attractive option for any company that operates on WIP (Work In Progress) especially as rates can be more attractive than those advertised by online lenders.

Having secured a Professions Loan for the practice, the owner was happy to let us know their thoughts. “We’ve always used finance to pay our quarterly tax bill as it enables us to budget it for it more easily. Kingston Capital were able to offer a cheaper alternative to the lender we were using before. Our VAT bill regularly runs into the tens of thousands so rates are very important to us. Putting the funds in place through Kingston Capital was an easy and well managed process”.

Professions Funding is a growing sector and it’s not just tax bills that can be financed. Funding applications for Professional Indemnity Insurance, MBO’s, MBI’s, Aged Debtors and live cases are all considered.

Not sure if your business is deemed a ‘Profession’? Give us a call on 01482 22 33 11 to find out.