Customer Cash Study

In the last few years, there has been a technological revolution in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. You may think robots are a futuristic concept, but not in pharmacies, they have taken the medical world by storm.

We have existing relationships with many pharmacists through financing IT and PMR hardware and software, and through our relationship, we have supported the technological trend our pharmacists strive to be a part of.

One of our local pharmacists who is a technology enthusiast wanted to install a Dispensing Robot into his pharmacy, which aids the pharmacist to dispense the medication to their customer with precision, speed and efficiency. However, such a large investment comes at a large cost.

Fortunately, Kingston Capital Finance has a wide panel of lenders, who are happy to fund this kind of asset, therefore KCF were able to provide him with the best monthly repayment options. Having secured a finance lease agreement for the practice, the owner was happy to let us know their thoughts. “As market leaders in transforming medication handling, I knew that Becton Dickinson (BD) would have the perfect technology for my pharmacy. The Rowa V160 has allowed us to save around 85% of the time we would normally spend on stock maintenance, as well as saving us space and allowing us to serve so many more customers every day. I’m more than delighted with how the project progressed. Working alongside Kingston Capital Finance has made the process so simple and much quicker than saving up the cash, this has not only allowed me to invest more quickly but also allowed me to future proof my business for many years to come.”

Having the ability to understand the positive impact leasing assets has had on our customers, drivers our motivation to spread the word of asset finance. If you’re purchasing an asset in the future, see asset finance as your first choice, not your last. Speak to us on 01482 223311.