Customer Cash Study

Earlier this year after reassessing their traditional invoice discounting, a Newcastle based Telecommunications equipment supplier realised their finance facility wasn’t quite working for them, as they had numerous customers which paid them on time and their invoices were all tied up.

Having discussed their financial situation with Kingston Capital and showing them the different types if invoice finance facilities available, it was agreed that Selective Invoice Finance was the most appropriate and beneficial finance facility. This is because selective invoice finance allowed this business to select which customers invoices required management and collection through invoice finance.

After securing a selective invoice finance for this company, the owner was happy to let us know their thoughts. “Selective invoice discounting has allowed us to free up more of our cash each month. We’d never heard of this type of invoice finance before so it’s been great to find this and to work with the team at Kingston Capital.”

Following this, it can be argued that many businesses know about invoice financing, however they are not aware of the different types of products available.

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