Pssst, want to know how to avoid the tax man?

You can run, but you can’t hide. Fail to pay your taxes and tax police will get you in the end. And when they do, the financial squeeze could make your eyes water.

That’s why hiding the tax forms at the bottom of the tray marked ‘pending’ is no way to go. Far better to ’fess up to the debt now, and make the payment.

But what if you’ve already spent the funds you’d set aside on something else? Oops. Maybe you didn’t need to worry about it a few weeks ago, but maybe you really did. Because we’re getting to that time of year dreaded by the self-employed professionals. Harvest time for the tax man…

Faced with a VAT return, a personal or corporation tax bill, or even all three, and without the necessary in the bank, you need a bit of divine inspiration. That’s us, Kingston Capital Finance. We have access to lenders who will help you to spread the burden.

You’ve no doubt seen that HMRC has introduced payment plans. On the face of it that might appear to be a good way to go, spreading the financial burden. But hang on; it’s less of a watertight scheme than it might appear. If you have an HMRC payment plan in place – which, trust us, will show up on your bank statements – then lenders will get very coy, and politely decline finance proposals from you until it’s cleared. Another oops.

However, a commercial loan from us solves the problem, freeing your business up to trade without burden and to secure further funding should the need arise.

Cashflow hasn’t been deposed; it’s still king. But there are things you can’t control, like delayed projects, work in progress, or (the bane of life for so many small companies), the big companies who see no problem with dragging their feet when it comes to payment. So in the latter case, when you’re being unfairly used as a source of cheap credit by the big boys, don’t have your capability to trade compromised. Come to Kingston Capital Finance. We can help with a cash flow finance product that won’t break the bank.

Don’t let your commitment to the tax man suck the life out of your business. Talk to us and get that much-needed financial shot in the arm that will take your business to its next high!