The Blag: The customer isn’t always right….

The customer isn’t always right…

A guy goes to the Doctor and says: “Doc, it’s my heart. I’ve been reading on the internet, and I know what the problem is…”

Doctor listens to him; nods slowly, and writes a prescription. Man looks at it and reads: “Take a brisk walk every day, and stop filling your head with stuff you don’t understand – especially from the internet.”

The moral of the story is simple. The customer isn’t always right. If you have a particular problem, don’t do the research yourself; talk to someone who knows; someone you can trust. When you do, two things will happen. For a start, you’ll get to the right answer, and then you’ll also get more time for doing what you want to do.

We see it a lot here at Kingston Capital finance. We’re in the money business, so we know more about it than most business owners. That’s not a criticism; it’s just the truth! After all, you know more about your specialism than we do. Wow; look at that, a team’s developing here already.

Because we understand the different funding options in the market we can pinpoint the solution you need to solve whatever financial headache you’re faced with.

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs. Just like the man visiting the Doctor, maybe you need something different. When it comes to money, maybe you need something the bank didn’t offer you.

We’re different…

The thing is, we’re different from your bank. They don’t have access to the same products we do. Your bank’s a big organisation, and operates to different rules. We’re small, so we can be flexible; nimble, get to things the bank can’t get to. We can think outside the box. It’s our job to do that for you, and identify that other ‘something’ by understanding your business, where you are now, and where you want to get to. Here’s an example. You have poor cash flow, so you think you need a loan? Maybe. But maybe not. Your poor cash flow could be due to your customers not paying on time, if this is the case, it’s likely that invoice finance would turn on the finance taps more effectively. See what we mean?

Always available…

We live in a digital age, so we’re always available. We’re never further away than the nearest phone or the ‘send’ button on your email. We’ll even come to visit you. Is that a service the bank offers? What does that tell you about who’s the most important person in the relationship? (just saying…)

Don’t take out word for it. One of our customer, Alan from Tiger Aviation ltd said “I have worked with Kingston Capital Finance for several years now. They have assisted Tiger Aviation in acquiring funding from several different sources and my business has now been able to expand into the International Training market. This wouldn’t have been possible without the professionalism and determination of Emma and her team. I am more than happy to recommend them to any business that needs to establish itself, either as a Start Up, or, having been through the worst of financial dilemmas, is looking to recover and expand”. Thanks Alan, it’s been great working with you over the years.

What will you do with that extra time Kingston Capital Finance can give you by sorting out the right business finance product? Maybe you’ll do more business, maybe you’ll go to the pub, or maybe you’ll just doze in front of the TV. Maybe you’ll even go for a walk – and, like the right financial solution identified with help from Kingston Capital Finance, that’ll be just what the Doctor ordered.