Don’t Let Christmas Affect Your Cash Flow!

For some businesses, it’s obvious that demand for their products will be seasonally dictated; Ice cream vans aren’t going to make a killing in the middle of winter and no one’s going to be buying Christmas trees in the middle of summer. 

Christmas is up and coming, as is the excitement for roast dinners, mulled wine and parties. But, it can be difficult to enjoy the Christmas season when your stressing about the impact it’s having on your business. 

Do your phones stop ringing and your emails come to a halt? When business stops, so does cash flow, which can be extremely detrimental. Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and, a quick and easy cash injection could allow you to relax and enjoy the festivities a whole lot more. 

Rolling credit facilities are an alternative to a bank overdraft or business loan, providing flexibility to help you smooth out the peaks and troughs. You can borrow between £10,000 and £500,000 almost immediately, with interest rates from as little as 0.075% a day. When the New Year rolls around, feel free to pay back the money as soon as you’re comfortable with your cashflow or, keep the money outstanding for up to 12 months. 

If you don’t want to be stressing out this Christmas, get in touch!