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Sterling the Lion

Maximise your sales potential by offering your customers an alternative to paying cash with our 'Synergi Partner Programme'.

  • Do you feel like your sales take forever to close?
  • Are you losing more sales than you are winning?
  • Are your customers constantly paying you way beyond terms?

By offering your customers a flexible point of sale finance option you can maximize the sales potential of your products. An affordable monthly payment plan will shorten the sales cycle, increase revenues, make upsells easier to achieve and you will receive payment within 24 hours of delivery.

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An Introduction...

How it works...

Synergi Partner Benefits

Overcome Budget Objections

Budget constraints are removed by offering affordable monthly repayments.

Increased Sales

Sales cycles are shortened by providing a pre-approved finance offering alongside your solution at point of sale.

Upsell Your Solution

Enable your customer to acquire more equipment with a small increase in repayment.

Increased Revenues

Remove the need to discount to win a sale.

Improved Cash Flow

We make immediate payment to you upon receipt of signed finance documentation and your invoice. Often within 24 hours!

No Need For Deposits

Milestone payments can be made to you inline with your payment terms.

Risk Free

No need to offer your own finance terms and run the risk of the customer not repaying you.

High Acceptance Rates

With access to over 100 lenders we have more options for more customers.

Examples of what can be financed

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Office Refurbishment

Offer your customers a finance solution that includes all areas of the refurbishment project. We can finance the furniture, building works, installation, design and consultancy all in one. We also appreciate these projects take time to complete so we can include stage payments in line with your payment terms.

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IT Solutions

Help your customers invest in vital new technology by offering a finance solution that includes all areas of the project. We can finance the hardware, software, installation and support all in one agreement. We also appreciate these projects take time to complete so we can include stage payments in line with your payment terms.

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Renewable Energy

Future proof your customers business by helping them invest in renewable energy equipment. We can offer funding for a wide range of renewable solutions including solar PV, air source heat pumps, battery storage, LED lighting and installation costs. Turning these costs into affordable monthly payments, enables your customer to pay for the equipment over it's useful life.

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Synergi Partner programme features

Key to access

Sales Aid Support

We provide point of sale finance calculators, joint marketing material and training.

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Reward Scheme

Be rewarded for the business you introduce to us.

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Account Management

A dedicated personal relationship from start to finish on every transaction.

Connected network

Credit Vetting

Receive instant customer credit reports and credit summaries from your dedicated Account Manager.

What are the benefits to my customers?

Fixed Payments

Our finance payments are fixed for the entire agreement and are not affected by uplifts in interest rates, allowing the customer to budget for them easily.

No Large Upfront Costs

Often we only require one initial payment to activate the agreement.

Improved Cash Flow

By spreading the cost of the purchase the customers cash flow is freed up.

Tax Efficient

All of our products are tax efficient whether it be a balance sheet or operational expense acquisition the customer requires.

Existing Credit Lines Protected

Our finance solutions have no bearing on the customers existing borrowings such as loans or overdrafts.

Flexible Finance Solutions

The customer can upgrade or settle the agreement at any time.

Want to become a Synergi Finance Partner?

By becoming a Synergi Partner you will be able to offer finance solutions alongside your products and services to help improve your sales.

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